Why Cooking and Eating Together Matters

group bonding

Our blogs over the past several months about how “cooking made us human” and how innovation started with cooking have attracted some interest and thoughtful comment. As part of this conversation, we offer the blog below, contributed by Jenni Hogg, presenting a broad view of the importance of cooking and eating together through human history and across cultures. Continue reading

The Shareholder Value in Conferencing

I’ve started using our client list as a guide for my investing. Why? I’ve noticed that a company being on our client list is a great indicator of their future success… Our cooking team building events are often included as part of company conferences. So I get to see what these companies do and learned a lot about why they are so successful. Continue reading

Raw Beetroot and Carrot Salad, Cashew Mayonnaise: Recipe

Our new vegetarian cooking series has started and the response has been fantastic. I’m having heaps of fun sharing wonderful recipes and tips with some lovely people who are saying fantastic things about the class. While most of you are missing out (though some spaces are still available as at this writing), here is one recipe from the class to inspire you to new heights in vegetarian cooking. Continue reading